Best Reviewed Boxing Gyms in Chicago

It is not often easy to find a great boxing gym anywhere. In the case of Chicago, there are several gyms that are open for boxing lovers and anyone who is interested in the sport. To help you with making the right choice, we have compiled a starter-list of some of the best boxing gyms based on user reviews and the social media followings of these select boxing clubs in Chicago. Our methodology is obviously not foolproof, so check out what we’ve compiled and let us know what you think by clicking on the link in the title of each gym and submitting your own review on our site.

If you have a favorite gym that is not on the list or you are a gym owner, fell free to submit great boxing gyms here.

TITLE Boxing Club Chicago West Loop

TITLE Boxing Club Chicago West Loop

Title West Loop’s Social Ratings:

Yelp Stars: 5
Yep Reviews: 45
Google Places Star: 4.7
Google Places Reviews: 39
Facebook Local Businesses Stars: 4.9
Facebook Likes: 46,787

Here are some user/member reviews:

I am very into working out but mainly a gym setting with my own workouts. I signed up to join my coworkers for a workout and I am so glad I did! It was a great workout and super fast paced which for a class, I prefer. This was a fun way to mix up my routine. I will have to consider going to some classes in the future! – Cindy Michelle (Facebook).

Joined this gym last week, and have gone for the 60 and 75 minute boxing classes, and absolutely love it! The workouts are exhausting, challenging, and extremely fun! For anyone looking to try a new workout, whether you’re looking to lose some weight or simply just get in better shape, I would highly recommend this place! The trainers are friendly, motivating, and very willing to guide you along the way! – Prakash Ravi-Chandar (Google Places reviews).


313 S Peoria St
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 243-3130
West Loop, Near West Side

Northside Boxing Chicago

Northside Boxing Club, Chicago

Northside’s Social Ratings:

Yelp Stars: 5
Yep Reviews: 9
Google Places Star: 5
Google Places Reviews: 4
Facebook Local Businesses Stars:
Facebook Likes: 151

Here are some user/member reviews:

Rich is an excellent, knowledgeable, and devoted coach. Whether your goal is to enter the ring one day or to just get a focuses, high intensity workout, Northside Boxing is an empowering environment. The workouts are dynamic and varied class to class, but I always feel my technique progressing regardless of the movements or exercises we go through. – Jake C. (Google places Review)

Northside Boxing is the place to learn boxing if you’re motivated and want quality training. As someone who have trained in wrestling and jiu jitsu as well as other sports, Rich is one of the best coaches I have ever had. His classes are very well structured and he knows how to motivate you when you are having a tough time. Rich tailors his class so that people of all levels feel challenged and comfortable. In addition to that, there is a great camaraderie amongst people in the class. Overall, my experience with Rich has been nothing short of excellent and I plan on attending his classes for the long term. – Alex P. (Yelp)


5920 N Ridge Ave
Chicago, IL 60660
(773) 546-8217
Edgewater, Andersonville

Reach Fieldhouse (Boxing Program)

Reach Fieldhouse Boxing in Chicago

Reach Fieldhouse’s Social Ratings

Yelp Stars: 4.5
Yep Reviews: 20
Google Places Star: 4.4
Google Places Reviews: 17
Facebook Local Businesses Stars: 4.9
Facebook Likes: 1,924

Here are some user/member reviews:

This place is great. Gigantic tractor tires, huge hammers, heavy bags, speed bags, speed bags, weight vests, sleds, kegs of throwing… this place has everything ELSE you never thought of. If you want to push pass the regular weight and such (which they do have) start here. It’s real, awesome, badass. – Jake C. (Yelp)

You come here because you want to train! Perfect spot and everything you need to get a solid session in. Adam is the man, and his staff are honest people and provide a great atmosphere. – Scott Jenkins (Facebook)


1601 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 800-1723

Body Shot Boxing Club

Body Shot Boxing Club in Chicago

Body Shot’s Social Ratings:

Yelp Stars: 4
Yep Reviews: 12
Google Places Star: 4.6
Google Places Reviews: 14
Facebook Local Businesses Stars: 4.9
Facebook Likes: 8769

Here are some user/member reviews:

I’ve been training at body shot fitness since February 2017. Coach Rick Ramos and the staff are outstanding. The classes are excellent. I’ve lost close to 45 lbs since training at body shots. Great facility, coaches and environment. You will learn a great deal about yourself going through the training. It’s definitely been a blessing for me health-wise! It’s not if you’re faced with altercation but when you’re faced with one, be prepared. Rick Ramos and staff will definitely get you prepared. – Michael M (Yelp).

Great place overall. Ideal, if you already have some boxing experience and want to take it to the next level. I did not give 5 stars since I found that it would be a little difficult for an absolute beginner to learn boxing here. – Shobhit Gupta (Google Places Reviews)


600 W Cermak Rd
Chicago, IL 606612
((312) 888-9122

Franklin Street Boxing Club

Franklin Street Boxing Club in Chicago

Franklin Street’s Social Ratings:

Yelp Stars: 4.5
Yep Reviews: 14
Google Places Star: 5
Google Places Reviews: 2
Facebook Local Businesses Stars: 4.9
Facebook Likes: 941

Here are some user/member reviews:

This is the real deal. I have been working with Ray for over two years. In that time I have developed from not knowing the first thing about a jab to being able to decently spar. I originally came to Franklin street Boxing Club because I wanted somewhere in the loop to workout. This has turned out to be so much more.

Drills are just part of the warm-up – the real experience comes from the one-on-one training that Ray provides. He knows his craft and will hone your skills, no matter what level. He is exceedingly patient and tailors each session to what you want to learn/develop. There is no formula or set workout at Franklin Street Boxing club. It is not crowded and other patrons are terrific people of all skill levels. True, it is a no frill gym, but that’s not why you’d join. If you want to learn to box or up your game, this is the place and Ray is the guy</em?. – Mathew L. (Yelp)

Ray is a professor of the game. Will absolutely raise your level of skill. Great demeanor for a coach. Each session is like going to grad school for boxing. Really makes you appreciate the finer points of the sport. Highly recommended.>/em> – Greg S. (Yelp).</p?


162 N Franklin St
Chicago, IL 60606
(312) 422-0755