Best Reviewed Boxing Gyms In Boston

Finding a great local boxing gym isn’teasy. Even in a “small” city like Boston.  Because Boston, the city, itself does not cover much area, we have also selected gyms in Cambridge and Allston. You may want to also look at gyms in Massachusetts to see if something is close to you.

We’ve put together a starter-list for you to check out gyms based on the user reviews and social media followings of local places in Boston. This methodology is obviously not an exact science, so check out what we compiled and let us know what you think by clicking on the links in the title of each gym and submitting your own review of your “best boxing gym in Boston.”.

The Ring Boxing Club

The Ring Boxing Club Best of Boston

Yelp Stars: 4
Yelp Reviews: 60
Google Places Stars: 4.5
Google Places Reviews: 15
Facebook Local Business Stars: 4.7
Facebook Likes: 5,437

Here are some reviews:

Great staff, great workout. If you ever wanted to try boxing this is the place. You start with a free 60 min. boxers workout that will leave you with way more respect for boxers than ever before. – Ralph I (Facebook)

Absolutely love this place. I had never really found a routine I could stick with in nine years, but I actually feel uncomfortable when I need to take rest days because I still want to go. The coaches are all great, each one has their own style and focus so I’m always working on something different. – Mike N (Facebook)

971-977 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
Phone: 617-782-6946

Peter Welch’s Gym

Peter Welch's Boxing Club Best of Boston

Yelp Stars: 5
Yelp Reviews: 60
Google Places Stars: 4.9
Google Places Reviews: 75
Facebook Local Business Stars: 4.9
Facebook Likes: 7,426

Here are some reviews:

Best gym I’ve ever been to. The trainers push you to exceed without shaming. No cliques, they treat everyone the same. I joke and say its a “clean / dirty” gym because it looks gritty but it is well maintained. I tried many gym venues before joining Peters (at age 50) but this is where I felt the most at home and achieved the best results. – Christine B (Facebook)

Best boxing gym in Boston no question. Whether it’s for cardio conditioning or actual boxing, this is the best. – Nick L (Yelp)

The people who work here really care about what they do and want everyone to have an amazing experience. This isn’t your typical macho boxing gym, don’t fret though you will get a workout that will leave you sore for days. – Elizabeth W (Yelp)

371 Dorchester Ave
Boston, MA, 02127
Phone: 617-269-4641

Redline Fight Sports

Redline Boxing in Boston Training In The Ring

Yelp Stars: 4.5
Yelp Reviews: 42
Google Places Stars: 5
Google Places Reviews: 12
Facebook Local Business Stars: 4.6
Facebook Likes: 9,309

Here are some reviews:

First class instruction, facility and people (teachers and students). Whether you’re looking to get in shape, learn a new skill, meet new people or compete in combat sports, Redline is the place to do it. I can’t recommend it highly enough.. -Daniel H (Facebook)

was looking for a gym to start my professional fighting career and upon visiting Redline I found a HOME! A place where fighters and regular people who come to learn or just get in shape all feed off each others positive energy to create a wonderful atmosphere for everyone! The motivation you can gain from just peeking you’re head up and seeing so many people striving for more here is ridiculous. I recommend it for kids.. Teens..young adults to older adults! – Matt D (Facebook)

614 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: 617-868-2275

Boston Boxing & Fitness

Boston Boxing and Fitness Social Gathering

Yelp Stars: 5
Yelp Reviews: 28
Google Places Stars: 4.9
Google Places Reviews: 14
Facebook Local Business Stars: 4.6
Facebook Likes: 695

Here are some reviews:

Excellent gym to join if you want to get fit, learn proper technique from excellent trainers, and/or participate in group/team training. I highly recommend it to everyone I know and I’d feel comfortable recommending it to anyone else.
– Kyle K (Facebook)

Boston Boxing provided the most challenging but also most rewarding fitness classes I’ve ever experienced. In spite of the difficulty of the workouts, the instructors somehow keep it fun. I highly recommend checking out Boston Boxing. – Tricia L (Facebook)

100 Holton St
Boston, MA 02135
Phone: (617)987-0142


EveryBody Fights Boston Gym Members

Yelp Stars: 4.5
Yelp Reviews: 46
Google Places Stars: 5
Google Places Reviews: 81
Facebook Local Business Stars: 4.8
Facebook Likes: 33,411

Here are some reviews:

This is the first fitness center that has truly nourished my body, mind and soul! The staff is inspiring , professional, knowledgeable and friendly! The facility is immaculate ! The workouts are challenging, result providing, empowering and addictive! The aroma and vibe begin even before I walk through the front door! Thank you EBF! My entire family goes and we all love EBF ! – Maria F (Facebook)

Been a member for 8 months now. The best decision I’ve made in a while. I wanted to get my fitness back on track and this place has changed my life. Definitely high-end, a little pricey, but it’s worth it. The people and culture there are super positive, kind, and welcoming. – Theo L (Facebook)

15 Channel Center St
Boston, MA 02210
Phone: (857) 250-4140

Do you have a favorite boxing gym in Boston?  Let us know here, or add one to our directory!